Custom Framing

Custom Framing & Conservation

Framemasters Gallery specializes in custom framing with a focus on making each piece as different and unique as their customers. From frames inspired by tropical locations, to those which capture the historical periods of Europe, to fillets, matting and shadowbox masterpieces, the designers at Framemasters will help you create a finished piece of work that is guaranteed to spark admiration and conversation for years to come.

We offer our customers glass, matting and mounting ptoducts that will protect their artwork and memorabilia for generations to come. The conservation products available to Framemasters are used by museums and conservation framers around the world, in particular Bainbridge Artcare™ Archival Products. Among the invaluable historical artifacts entrusted to Artcare™ Archival Products are George Washington's Last Will and Testament, and plant specimens gathered by the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1803.